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PEySI is the most advanced system to charge electric vehicles. It has state-of-the-art technology, and includes photovoltaic solar panels and electrochemical energy storage for its self-consumption, and other green-certified energy supply.

Moreover, PEySI is a digital advertising media, focused on SME (Small and Medium Enterprises), which has five 47”monitors and two 32” tactile monitors to access Internet.

Charge your

In the market there is an offer of electric vehicles, from different car manufacturers, which have different charge systems. PEySI is compatible with all of them.

PEySI allows you to choose the time and the amount of the charge, according to your necessities.

You can make good use of your time while charging your vehicle.

Advertise your

PEySI is placed strategically to have a great impact to attract the potential customers of your area.

If you advertise in PEySI, you put your business on a new, striking media.

You can put your business in the sight of anybody at a very competitive price.


Our Project has great support: it is going public in one of the most reliable Stock Markets in Europe and the rest of the world. This is our guarantee.

We will inform you of our position very soon. We are going to be the first manufacturer of infrastructures for charging electric vehicles in the Stock Market.



Gerardo Rojo CEO de VER interviene en la mesa redonda sobre la gestión de carga de vehículos eléctricos organizada por AEDIVE.


PEySI, se hace VER

3-8-2012. PEySI, se hace ver. CINCO DÍAS, el periodico económico de tirada nacional se hace eco del proyecto. Noticia en Cincodias

Inauguración en TresAguas

Inauguramos nuestro primer punto de recarga de vehiculos. no te pierdas nuestra presentación.

Inauguración Peysi

Peysi inaugura su primer punto de publicidad en el C.C. Tres Aguas de Alcorcón